Personal FrontPage provides Personal FrontPage services for outstanding industry elites, including architect designers, interior designers, landscape designers, and other specialists. Here presents personal information, career background, projects display, news links and video interviews, moreover, interactions among registered users are involved into the page, forming the most comprehensive space for the excellent designers. provides page design, publication, update and promotion. Until March, 2012, has over 500 pages.

Architect Personal FrontPages

  • Displaying Project, Achievement, Video and News

  • Interior Designer Personal FrontPages

Company FrontPage

The Company FrontPage is dedicated to design oriented units, including architecture, interior, and landscape. Here presents company introduction, project display, news, videos, and interactions. It is the third platform for users and potential clients to know the company. provides page design, publication, update and promotion. Until March, 2012, has over 200 pages for companies.

  • Architecture Design Company FrontPage

  • Displaying Company intro, Project and News

Building Materials Company Showroom

As the most influential architecture website in China, has the largest architecture material information downloading and building materials database, which attracts millions of designers and engineers, forming the most attractive materials exchange platform.

Setting up Company Showroom on can not only display the newest product on the largest online database, but also can have interactions with the users.

The company showroom includes:
introduction, video introduction, news, product, E-samples, project and distribution networking.

The company showroom’s Marketing function:
Listing prior, online interaction, text message communication, visitor tracking, marketing analysis.

The company showroom’s value-added services: Golden Display Space, Direct Contact, SEO.

Company Digital Sample

Company Page——Company Showroom

  • Name Card Database

  • Page View Analysis

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